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Recruit Empire 2.0: Launching On The 1st Of February, 2024! Recruiting Downlines For Your MLM Business Will Never Be The Same Again...

How To Build An MLM Business By Enrolling MORE Enrollees WITHOUT Prospecting Your Friends, Family Or Relatives In 2024

Previously, I've created a workshop called, Recruit Empire, to teach how to recruit strangers fast by using the internet. You can still see it at However, this was created in 2022 and it's time to create a new one that contains the latest strategies and also technology such as AI.

To receive a significant discount upon its launch and gain free access to the 24-hour replay of the Recruit Empire Workshop on January 31st for FREE, simply click the button and register for the notification list.
3 Reasons Why Building An MLM Business Is Hard And HOW TO SOLVE IT.
  • The "2 enroll 2" Theory Does Not Truly Work. The dream in MLM is to have an exponential growth opportunity. For instance, two recruits 2 will become 4, which continues to multiply exponentially. This is a perfect growth theory, but unfortunately, it doesn't work as planned. 
  • No One Likes to Pitch to Their Friends and Family. Most don't like to hassle friends, family, and relatives into joining MLM or buying products.
  • Run Out of Prospects and Contacts :-) No matter how committed a network marketer is, eventually, he or she will run out of prospects and contacts.
But the GOOD NEWS IS, the above 3 challenges can be overcome easily by recruiting strangers at mass level!

Register to receive the invitation to join Recruit Empire 2.0 when it's launched on the 1st of February 2024.
About Patric Chan:
Patric Chan is an internet marketing pioneer, the best-selling author of 3 physical books, and an international speaker in 12 countries. When Patric applied his internet marketing and social media strategies for a network business previously, it automatically made him the top 4 enrollers in the billion-dollar Inc 500 MLM company, beating more than 500,000 other worldwide members in just his first year recruiting.
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