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Yes, it's possible, because I've earned 7 figures of MLM commission doing it...
"How to Build Your MLM Business So MUCH FASTER and EASIER from Home with the Internet?"
Patric Chan,
Best-Selling Author, World-Recognized Digital Marketing Expert & "Top Recruiter"
"This is super simple - if you can recruit by using social media and the Internet, you can build an MLM BUSINESS EMPIRE in no time and start making passive income.

I know it works because I HAVE DONE IT."

How To Recruit FAST.

Dear Friend,
Here's the fact - if you can recruit, you can build an EMPIRE

Believe it or not, when you have that, FORTUNES will come to you. As your empire grows, passive income will not just be created, but it will also continue growing. 

And the core of a successful MLM business is RECRUITING, right?

Well, this is also where the problem comes in and why most people will just fail in MLM.

Let's do a quick fact-check why the old way of running an MLM business makes it very hard for anyone to succeed...

#1. With Just Recruiting 2 and Each of Them Doing The Same, You Will Have 38 Downlines After 5 Levels Deep

The Utopian dream in MLM is the exponential growth. 

For instance, 2 recruits 2 will become 4 and this continues to multiply exponentially. If this continues, you'll have 38 people in your organization by level 5. This is a good growth theory, but unfortunately, it doesn't work in reality. 

Truth is, just to get 2 who can succeed, you'll probably need 20 people in your organization and you need to do this FAST to see the momentum.

#2. No One Likes to Pitch to Their Friends and Family

I don't know about you, but I don't like to hassle my friends, family and relatives to join stuff. Or buy. And at the same time, I think I can fairly speak on behalf of my friends and family that they don't like to be approached to join MLM or to buy products out of obligation, either.

#3. Run Out of Prospects and Contacts :-)

No matter how committed the member is, eventually, he or she will run out of prospects and contacts. They'll go through their phone contact list and then Facebook friends... and no more. So,  the business starts to slow down... and eventually, die of natural death.

"The Good News Is, I've Cracked the Code to Overcome These 3 MLM Obstacles!"

The answer is to embrace the Internet and use social media and digital marketing to recruit.

Here's what I mean, The internet allows you to:
  • #1. Reach Masses Fast: This way, you don't need to rely on 2 recruits to help you build your empire, you could recruit 20 instead at just "Level 1".
  • #2. Reach the Stranger Market: There are millions of people online and surely some will be interested in your MLM business opportunity or products, you don't need to pitch to your friends, family and relatives anymore.
  • #3. Never Run Out of Leads: Every day, you could be getting new leads to prospect from the Internet and if your MLM business allows you to build outside of your country, it's so much easier to go international right now.
"Why I Know How to Recruit Profitably By Using THE INTERNET..."
Well, because I've been in BOTH INDUSTRIES successfully - marketing online and MLM.

Humbly, with my success, this gives me the credibility to share my experience and strategies.

I mean, there would be some Gurus or marketers telling you that they have a kind of "online prospecting system" or they can help you build your MLM business on the internet.

They say they "understand" your MLM business.

It makes me chuckle when I hear that because the truth is, THEY HAVE NO CLUE how this industry actually works, don't they? :-)
You know this industry is soooo different, right?

When I ventured into this industry as an MLM distributor and recruiter... it was a paradigm shift. A totally different world of excitement.

It's a very beautiful business (and an amazing income model) that the outside people don't understand. 

The MLM business is about using our heart to build it - caring for others and leadership. Honestly, those who have never done it, don't "get it". 

Also, the sense of humility that this business gives us and the joy of achievement when we're celebrated by our team on stage.

For instance, marketers would think they're trying to get prospects to buy stuff.

For us, the network marketers, we have no intention to earn by selling, we are looking for partners to grow the business together. Everyone wins.

Marketers are thinking about how to sell the products online. For us, we are passionately educating consumers to use the MLM products for their benefits. Because it helps them.

So, after I spent the time to understand the MLM world and be part of it, I was able to use my internet marketing expertise in it and achieved success in recruiting, breaking records.

I was using the internet to recruit

Can you imagine the advantage of SPEED and CRITICAL MASS that I've got, in comparison to all of the other distributors, even the Diamonds in the MLM company?

You see, I've been marketing online for almost 20 years now and trained thousands of students all around the world.

In fact, I have written 3 best-selling physical books including one co-authored book with New York Times bestselling author, Robert G. Allen and I have been invited to speak in 12 countries as an authority of internet marketing.
When the book was published and made available in the bookstore, Clicking Cash was displayed is various of places as one of the bestsellers.
I've lost count on how many stages I've spoken at, but I do I know that I've been invited to speak in12 countries as an authority of internet marketing.
I think the most important fact about credibility in this game is this - when I get into the MLM business and built it, I was awarded as the top 4 recruiters by the Inc 500, a billion-dollar company* from the United States, competing with probably over 500,000 other members worldwide. And the record breaking is, this was achieved in just my first year with the MLM company.

Truth is, the only reason why I could achieve success is that I have applied my unconventional marketing strategies into the game, leveraging on the Internet.

So, I'm not talking about some mumbo-jumbo theories here, but strategies that HAVE BEEN PROVEN and helped me to generate monthly passive income from my recruiting system.

The best part is...

Year after year, apart from getting a top distributor award, I've also been receiving the awards for the most consistent volume distributor. This means, my recruitment system was able to attract the right people to join my team. 

This goes without saying, I'm still earning the residual income with ZERO WORK. 
* It is not convenient for me to share the name of the MLM company that I've joined and built on this webpage publicly. But I'll be revealing this inside the workshop to show proof. 
The Recruit Empire Online Workshop
Do you want to achieve your next rank or simply make more stable money in your MLM business?


To a certain degree, this is a number's game. The more level 1 downlines you have, the more likely you're going up your rank! 

And honestly, you don't have more hours in a day to meet more prospects offline to recruit.

So, I have exciting news to share with you today...

After 3 years of silence, I can now share my secrets and strategies to help other network marketers in any MLM company.

If you want to know the proven ways to recruit by using social media and digital marketing, then you'll be able to get them in the 2-Day Recruit Empire Online Workshop.

The good is, this teach-all-out workshop was recorded and you'll now get the chance to have the professionally edited recordings!
What You'll Discover in The Recruit Empire Workshop Recordings?
Honestly, you CANNOT find such content anywhere else.

Yes, you can find "salesman" coaches and marketers who would claim they have the "secrets". But if you want the REAL CONTENT, I doubt you'll ever find it (except in Recruit Empire Workshop).

The logic is, those who know these strategies are busy applying into their MLM businesses to grow in leaps and bounds!

How often would you found a "retired" successful network marketer who has build successfully by using social media and digital marketing and also, WILLING to teach?

Starting from today, imagine how your business will be so different when you're able to recruit from home by using the internet. You don't even need to commute or "buy coffee" for prospects anymore.

Just think about it...

How would a network marketer be going to achieve success by using the conventional methods, when one has such limited time per day?

Here's what I mean: They will usually do presentations at a cafe (you know what I mean, I've rolled up my sleeves and done it before). 

Yes, the common approach is to invite prospects to a meeting, but there's no meeting happening everyday and at a convenient time for the prospect, right? 

So when a prospect says "Yes" to hear about the product or MLM business, it's truly up to the network marketers to present on their own.

But how many prospects can a network marketer meet per day?

In my experience, without burning out, maybe 3. 

That's 1 before lunch and 2 after lunch. After that, you are so exhausted from the day's work and probably lost some money by buying coffees for your prospects.

Continuing this behaviour, you'll lose hundreds of dollars on coffee, parking and fuel ALONE. And if you are aren't enrolling anyone, I can't imagine the level of disappointment that will turn you to become a disheartening person.

Here's the worse part - even if you can enrol a new distributor, this new person may lose the motivation in 2 weeks because he's not seeing any new members joining your organisation fast enough. Let's be frank, adding 3 new downlines a month is not going to get your members glowing with excitement. 

Of course, there are those Diamonds who have used this hardship model and become very successful. Extremely good for them, my highest admiration. But keep in mind that these are EXTRA ORDINARY PEOPLE with the insane appetite for success and somehow, able to work 14 hours a day and do not take "no" for an answer. Not to mention, they're somehow ingrained with positive energy that can probably light up a stadium.

With Recruit Empire, you no longer need to rely on "cafes".

On top of that, you'll be able to recruit someone in other city, state or even country by using the Internet! No more geographical limitation to grow your downlines.  

And after all, it's 2022 now. And if you are not using social media and digital marketing for your MLM business, you're literally throwing away a goldmine!

The workshop consists of 2 days...

Day 1: The Organic Social Media Recruiting

We'll start from the "basic" on Day 1, where ANY network marketer, without any internet marketing experience can use the strategy to recruit.

The concept of "basic" is the same as how it's used in any MLM business. We want it to be simple so that EVERYONE in our team can understand and apply, even though, the nature of the strategies or methods are advanced.

This is by using social media and it's 100% free. 

Have you heard of Eric Worre, arguably the #1 network marketing trainer? 

When he created his Social Media Mastery for network marketers, he was gathering some best practice strategies from leaders who have experienced great success by using Social Media. I was one of the contributors towards the content of this training.

I was also invited by the MLM company to present my system on the big stage, for the rest of the distributors to learn my social media strategies...
Frankly, you have probably never seen a digital marketer being invited by a billion-dollar MLM company to speak on stage - for all of their other distributors to learn.

But of course, most importantly, it's the social media system that my members and I have used successfully to recruit for social media.

It's quite important for you to know that there's a SYSTEM to use Facebook for network marketing. Honestly, it's not just about posting stuff. If it were that easy, today, everyone would be rich by doing that, right?

No wonder so many network marketers lose their friends when they start posting and wondered why. :-)

Primarily, I'll be teaching specifically on using Facebook for the social media platform, but you can use the same concepts to be applied onto other platforms, too.

You'll discover the A-Z system to promote yourself on Facebook and how to repeat the process.

These are the other strategies that will be covered...
  • ​How to tap onto Facebook Friends to get unlimited stranger prospects who can be recruited - without spending a single cent on ads
  • My step-by-step system on how to post on Facebook for attracting prospects, without losing friends!
  • ​The 4 free features by Facebook that you can use to build your MLM business successfully
  •  The exact way how to set up your Facebook profile for network marketing so it can expose the opportunity to thousands of prospects
  • ​My "magic script" when chatting with any prospects in FB Messenger to get them interested in the MLM product or business
  • ​The secret technique how to create urgency for the engaged prospects to join you ASAP, even without meeting up in person
  • ​How to use the "social media blitz" strategy to recruit new downlines
  •  And many more tactics related to social media...
Frankly, if you master this alone, you would have mastered the game of endless prospects. 

Because there's really no limit to the reach of social media.

You could just stay at home engaging with your prospects online, without the necessity of meeting up offline (if you don't want to).

But more powerfully, you could increase the size of the prospects from 3 per day to 10, 20 or even 30 per day because everyone's online!

Do you see how exponential it gets, incremental to 10X in volume immediately?

Heck, you could be building an MLM business by just using SOCIAL MEDIA.
Important: I'm going to teach you how to build an MLM business in a much easier way and if you are already building one, this will definitely help to ACCELERATE YOUR GROWTH.

This is not a push-button magic or getting rich quick. The purpose the social media is to help you get prospects from the internet, then, you'll enrol them by using your own MLM company's presentation or your leadership. An MLM business is built with "personal touch" and real products that the consumers find them useful. 

If you are from a real MLM company (they usually have employees with offline operations, physical offices and real products for consumers), you know the hardship of enrolling a prospect by using the conventional method and mastering online social media will be a real breakthrough. But if somehow, you don't see the benefit of it, it's very likely you're not with a real MLM company but some online biz-opp stuff. 

Day 2: Online Funnel for Network Marketing

Frankly, with just social media alone, it'll be sufficient for online recruiting.

But after that, if you want more automation and also to reach more prospects, then you're going to like Day 2 a lot.

In internet marketing, I sell courses, books, coaching, workshops, etc by using a concept called, "online funnels". Then when I started a network marketing business, I was thinking... 

"Why not I use a funnel to build it, too?"

I'm happy to announce that I've also cracked the code on how to use a funnel specifically for MLM and on Day 2, I'll be teaching the "funnel model".

Here's what you'll discover...
  •  What is an "online funnel" is and how it works to convert your leads
  •  My lead-capture webpage template - how to clone my design and copy it for your own MLM business! (PRICELESS)
  • ​ The 7-email follow up system to build relationship with your leads and get them to take action, including the template
  •  How to use video to effectively recruit in mass
  •  The secret to running paid ads, even it's for an MLM business
  •  The online system to create a "perpetual machine" to continue generating new leads for prospecting, even outside of your own country
  • ​Where to get a free reliable software to create your MLM landing pages that is integrated with an email system
  • ​The "one and only" type of free offer that will get leads into your online funnel
  • And many more online marketing secrets to be revealed on Day 2!
I'm using my internet marketing and funnel strategies for MLM. Now you could too.
Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels
Just to be clear, Recruit Empire is NOT a motivational training.

It's not about mindset stuff either.

I won't be spending the time to motivate you to recruit, teaching you how to share your MLM company's offer, what to say to prospects, how to close them, etc. Those are taught by your own MLM company or your leaders. Or some other typical network marketing courses.

I won't "interfere" with your current team's system either. Follow your current leadership.

Because in my years of being in the industry, I've met Ego-Mania Diamonds and Leadership-Driven Diamonds. Ego-Mania Diamonds think the world resolve around them and need people to please them all the time, while the other one is always seeking new ways to improve to help his or her team and stay humble.

You being here is definitely because you are Leadership-Driven, otherwise, you won't read until this far.

My training is to show you HOW I RECRUIT BY USING THE INTERNET AND USING THE UNCONVENTIONAL MARKETING METHODS TO SUCCEED. This is what makes me my 7 figures of earned commission.


If you come across other marketers or coaches claiming they know HOW, let me just put it bluntly:

Have they make millions from the internet before?

Have they achieved a top recruiter status in a billion dollar company before?

If you they did any of the above... the question is...


Unlikely. That's what makes me different than any other "experts" out there.

Truth is, what I'm handing over to you is a very specialized knowledge that's extremely rare.

Achieve Your MLM Enrolment Success in 2 Quick Months, Instead of 12 Months!

Do you want to achieve your next MLM rank?

It took me just about 2 months to achieve my rank and build my first wave organization.

Generally, in terms of recruiting, what you can accomplish in 12 months can now be shortened to just 2 short months.

Now, internet marketers don't know this, but you probably do:

10 months of growth in the network marketing business would be an unbelievable explosive growth. It's a "compounding" effect. Earnings are also drastically different when you hit ranks.

And then, the exponential growth begins and even if you want to stop it, you can't. 

At the same time, you can continue with what you're doing, which I highly recommend. But I would also suggest to "add on" what I've taught in Recruit Empire Workshop because this MAY be the answer for your MLM income breakthrough.
"I'm Ready to Attend, How Much Is the Investment?"
There's no doubt that the secrets and strategies to be revealed could bring great riches into your life.

This is also the reason why originally, I don't intent to release the recordings. I'm going to keep them "exclusive" to just live workshops.

Furthermore, I could sell between $497 - $997 per seat.

However, I've decided to make the recordings available for a limited time. 

Here's why:

I've received so many requests from network marketers all around the world, asking me to help them with my proven strategies. You see, because of the timezone, many are unable to make it live.

During my MLM days, I've seen how many network marketers struggled to get downlines. I don't have to go through that pain because I have the key and it'll be very selfish for me to continue keeping it, when I'm not using it.

Your investment for the recordings is only a one-time off US $399 for lifetime access.
Not only you'll be able to get the early bird discount when you reserve today, but you'll also be entitled to these 3 bonuses for free!

Bonus #1: The Workshop's Presentation Slides and Workbook

A speaker rarely gives out his presentation slides but I'm going to do this for you. With the presentation slides, it'll help you to learn much easier and you can even use it as a guide. On top of that, you'll also be given the exclusive workbook - with this, it's going to help you to follow the strategies revealed in the 2 day workshop.

This bonus is a package of 2 PDF files.

Bonus #2: How to Create an eBook Without Any Experience 

This is a training to show how a network marketer can also create a eBook on almost any topic related to their MLM business, even without any experience. The purpose of this strategy is not to become a celebrated author or writer, but when you are able to create your own eBook, you'll be able to use it for marketing.

For instance, you can post it on Facebook that you are giving away a free eBook to get engagements and generate leads.

Furthermore, you can use the same formula and have the book printed too and create a physical one. When you are an author of a physical book, you'll automatically level up your personal brand and will be viewed to be an expert on the topic. You can even use this to pass to your prospects for them to learn more about your opportunity.

This bonus is a training course, comprising 3 videos.
The Recruit Empire Workshop Recordings
Secure Your Copy Today at Only $399 $229!
I'm giving out a special discount for those who act fast. When you grab the Recruit Empire Workshop Recordings today, your investment is only $399. After all, in the MLM industry, we know that those who joined earlier will always get better rewards.

You Are Protected With My 100% Money Back Guarantee

Try the strategies in Recruit Empire to explode your downlines at my expense for 60 days. If the program hasn't paid for itself many times over, feel free to ask for your money back. 

The fact is, you risk absolutely nothing. You have the right to a prompt and full refund at any time – even after you’ve gone through the entire 2 days recording within these 60 days. 

I personally guarantee that you've never heard anything like it when it comes to recruiting downlines for MLM by using social media and the Internet. This is why, I'm so confident to extend such bold 100% money back guarantee.
The truth is, it has become easier to build an MLM business over the internet over the past 2 years. 

The reason is, the pandemic has encouraged your prospects to accept the new reality of communicating over the Internet and because of economic uncertainty, more people are also looking to start a low-cost business, like an MLM business.

Those networkers who said otherwise, who are struggled over these years are likely to do so because they DON'T KNOW how to use social media and digital marketing. They only know how to present and pitch in "cafes" or offline meetings.

Imagine, for a moment, that it is 12 months from today. 

How well is your organization doing? Remember – if you continue to recruit the same way, you're going to get the same results.

A year will pass by in a flash. I think your choice for greater success is clear.

Put the Recruit Empire to work for you... it's the ultimate way to recruit fast, with less work and also, MANY.

And if somehow, you're not securing the recordings is because you think the fee is expensive, humbly, there are other things that are MUCH MORE expensive. I think working hard, day and night in MLM is EXPENSIVE.

Being away from your family is expensive.

Attending more generic social media, digital marketing or motivational training and trying to adapt into your MLM business is "expensive".

Trying to save $229 to continue working by using the conventional ways? 

Each extra "cafe meeting prospecting" you're having each day... for the next week... for the next 30 days... for the next 12 months... is it worth it? 

Or you should be better off spending that time for planning your MLM business, brainstorming with your team or just REST to rejuvenate yourself!

Heck, if you're able to recruit just 1 extra person after going through the workshop recordings, you would have probably made back your investment! 

Because in an MLM business, recruiting one person has the possibility to turn into 5, 10, 100 and so on. For instance, my leader previously recruited me and I brought in thousands of downlines. 

Look - MLM is a business. Getting the Recruit Empire Workshop is an investment for your business so that you can earn back many times fold.

So, if you are ready to build your MLM empire with recruiting, the best decision you can make is to let my strategies work their magic for you...

Click the button below to secure your copy today...


I like the training, but I haven't joined any MLM company yet, what would you suggest?
Learning my secrets and strategies will definitely help you a lot to succeed in an MLM business. If you haven't joined any company yet, frankly, I'm quite sure you have friends or family members who are already in an MLM company. You can call them up and ask them to share details with you, so that you can select the one you like the most. This is a "safe zone" workshop, I do not suggest any MLM company.
I want to learn "how to recruit online" but I'm not in the MLM industry, will this still work for me?
There are other industries that uses the "recruitment" model for overriding commissions as well, such as the insurance and real estate agent industries. You will still benefit from Recruit Empire, however, the examples I'll be teaching and sharing will be related to the MLM industry. But if you are a savvy person, you can easily adapt what I'm teaching into your own industry, too. But if you are the company owner or top leader, you can hire me to do an exclusive workshop specifically for your industry and company. Contact us at
How long can I access the workshop recordings?
For lifetime! Originally, the Recruit Empire Workshop is conducted as a live 2-day class. You'll now be able to access the professionally edited recorded version.
Can I have a live workshop for my team/organization? I need customization.
Yes, you can do that. Contact us at and we'll get in touch with you to decide on what date you would like to have this training, exclusively for just your team/organization. However, the minimum number of seats is 50 for an "in-house" training. If less, than a minimum training fee is required. If you do this, I'll even customize the training specifically tailored towards your MLM company so that all of your team members can "follow the system". We can also do an offline workshop for you then (you'll need to provide the venue in Malaysia).
I've seen programs sold for only $99, why yours is more expensive?
The first answer is this - because there's no upsell of "more advance training" to sell you in Recruit Empire Workshop. I've taught all-out in these 2 days of training. So whenever you see a program at a low price, it's usually because that's just the tip of the funnel - there are plenty of upsells prepared for you to buy. But at the same time, I doubt you're seeing the same thing with other programs. Recruit Empire Workshop is a very specialized training for the MLM industry that's not found anywhere else. It's based on my expertise (and success) in both industries - the MLM and internet marketing industries. It's very rare you'll ever find this and at the same time, $229 is actually a discounted price. Once you've gone through Recruit Empire Workshop, I have no doubt you'll find it worth at least $499.
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